Ron Heidebrink


Hello, my name is Ron Heidebrink. I retired early with 28 years in Telephone Communications at Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company.  I was Quality Control Inspector over the Business and Residence installations in the field.  This was a result of my continued education at AT&T, Bell System, Western Electric, New York Telephone, and the University of Cincinnati.  I am an Airplane Pilot and Land Developer.  I try to think and plan ahead. 

My Army tours were at Fort Knox in Kentucky, 1st as a Sargent over one of the Motor Pools, dealing mostly with Jeeps to 5 ton Trucks.  Later, was assigned to the repairs and installations of telephones on the Tank and Infantry Firing Ranges.

I started and was the owner of a Fire/Security Alarm installation company 1981 to 1995, selling it after building it up to over 500 accounts.

Currently, I am developing over 60 acres here near North Myrtle Beach SC.  It is a Private Residential Airpark/Airport (Myrtle Beach Hardee Airpark-SC21).

I am currently building Alternators for Experimental Aircraft and other Heavy Duty Alternator applications. 

How this came about: I have had three alternator failures in my Airplanes.  I had to land after exhausting the Battery, and get it repaired.  Two regulators failed and a broken stator wire in the other.

I am a past Race Car Driver and Car Builder, paying close attention to the Nascar Race Cars, that every year have Alternator failures during a Race.  Dale Junior, Biffle, Stewart and many more have had this unpleasant experience.

They loose Points, Dollars, and even the Race because of a $3 Diode or something else that failed in the Alternator.  They very much need a Double Alternator.

Thank You